Family Trust Masterclass

Law Central invites you to join trust lawyer, John Wojtowicz for a 2 hour Masterclass on the basics of family trusts.

Sooner or later in their professional career, advisers and accountants will encounter clients with existing family trusts, or those who need them. Having a solid understanding on the issues and law surrounding family trusts will enable you to better understand your clients’ structures and add value to the advice that you provide.

All too often we come across trusts that were inappropriately setup, poorly maintained or incorrectly managed. This Family Trust Masterclass is designed to give accountants and professional advisers the understanding and tools necessary to ensure that their clients’ trusts are properly established and that any existing issues can be readily identified.

In this Family Trust Masterclass, John will guide you through the law affecting family trusts with practical examples of common trust situations, pitfalls to avoid and where a lack of understanding of the trust terms has led to disputes.

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Date: Friday, 12 October 2018

Time: 9-45am for a 10-00am start

Length: 2 Hours

Venue: Novotel Perth Langley, 221 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, WA

Cost: $198 (Incl. GST)


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Family Trust Masterclass

  • What is a family trust?
  • Why are they popular?
  • The use of family trusts in:
    • operating a business; and
    • wealth protection.
  • What form does a family trust take- are all family trusts the same?
  • The role of each position contained in a family trust:
    • Settlor;
    • Trustee-  corporate v individual trustee;
    • Beneficiaries:
      • Primary;
      • General
    • Appointor
    • Guardian
  • Common mistakes made when ordering or drafting a family trust.
  • Term of the trust- vesting of the trust.
  • Trust fund.
  • Trustee powers and duties.
  • Determination and distribution of income.
  • Varying the trust.
  • Trust resettlements.
  • Record keeping:
    • Minutes
    • Accounts
  • Lost trust deeds.
  • Trust disputes between:
    • co-trustees,
    • beneficiaries and trustees, or
    • co-guardians and appointors.
  • Family trust and estate planning.

The Family Trust Masterclass is designed as an introductory course to family trusts. It is suitable for accountants and other professional advisers looking to develop their knowledge of family trusts and trust law.

The Family Trust Masterclass is being held at the Novotel Perth Langley, 221 Adelaide Terrace, Perth on Friday, 12 October 2018 from 10:00AM to 12:00PM. The cost is $198 (Incl. GST).

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Presenter John Wojtowicz
John has practiced law since 1988 and has been admitted to both the Supreme Court of WA and the High Court of Australia. Working predominantly in the areas of commercial law and estate planning, John has acted for both large institutions and individuals, as well as serving on multiple bank panels. Over the years, he has acted for clients on complex estate planning and has represented clients in the Supreme Court of WA on trust and inheritance issues. He is a sought after speaker on trusts and estate planning and brings a wealth of practical experience to his seminars.

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